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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  June 4, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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life. consumers reports will be here for the best cell and smartphones. >> first, fbi forensic expert taking the stand today in the casey anthony murder trial in florida. what she to say could spell trouble for the defense. . >> about is live in new york with the latest. -- >> julie: new telling he have in the murder trial showing a link between hair found in her car and hair belonging to caylee. the state's first witness forensic expert told jurors hair removed from the trunk of anthony's car is similar to a sample found in caylee's brush not to a sample from casey. because of the small amount she can't say for sure whether the hair is a definite match. >> i can conclude there are similar to the limited nature watch i could use as a known sample a more meaningful conclusion could not be
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reached. >> julie: the prosecution says the smell in the trunk was consistent with human decomposition. prosecution presented air samples taken from the trunk. once those cans opened up for the jury to smell. that has yet to have been approved. they believe caylee suffocated to death after duct tape was placed over her mouth and casey put it -- put the body in the trunk of the car before dumping it in the woods. >> i initially collected stain samples to check to see if there was any blood inside the trunk liner of the vehicle. i did three separate tests. one on each side. one in the middle. which came out negative. >> julie: still a lot of questions. the state announced friday it plans to wrap up its case around june 17th. then the defense will present its case. the defense maintains caylee
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accidentally drowned in her parents -- in her grandparents' swimming pool. court resumes monday. >> rick: julie, thanks so much. >> arthel: members of the 2012 gop presidential field courting the powerful religious right a dressing the first annual faith and freedom coalition conference in our nation's capital. molly henneberg is live in washington many molly who is speaking today? >> reporter: this the second and final day of the conference. a chance for religious conservatives to hear from leaders in washington. as well as those who are or may seek the white house. this morning former pennsylvania senator rick santorum addressed the crowd. he will be announcing his run for the presidency monday. today he started off hitting a couple key matters for religious and social conservatives. saying he's always been pro-life and for traditional marriage. >> people always say, your
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area the social conservative candidate. and i said, well yes, i am very proud of the fact think that was the point man in the united states congress on issues that were i believe vitally important. >> reporter: newt gingrich will address the coalition conference today by way of a pretaped address. he won't be there. businessman herman cain will speak to the crowd later this evening. >> arthel: molly, has the focus been on social issues? >> reporter: some of the candidates hit on those topics more than others. most spent time talking about the country's financial picture. >> this is a nation that faces $4 a gallon gasoline. we've got crushing levels of unemployment that is hurting our fellow citizens and families across this country. we've got a federal government that is out of control. >> i think it is a moral tragedy for us to pile up more and more debt that we know we
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can't payoff during our lifetimes. and pushing that on to the next generation. i think it is totally inexcusable. >> reporter: also speaking minnesota congresswoman michelle bachmann. former utah governor jon huntsman and texas congressman ron paul. >> arthel: molly henneberg, thank you very much. >> rick: fox extreme weather alert. dry and windy conditions fueling two of the largest wildfires in arizona's state history. so far the flames have burned through more than 300 square miles of land. one fire near the arizona/ new mexico border. the other in the southwest part of the state. the fires are prompting evacuations. governor brewer has been meeting with fire crews today. she also touring the damage. >> arthel: we are tracking stream flooding in the dakotas. heavy rains and snowmelts on the missouri river forcing thousands from their homes. many more prepare for the worst.
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meteorologist maria moline that live in weather center. >> now we are looking at the missouri river. when flooding mississippi, ohio and now parts of the northwest. some of the states that are dealing with flooding is eastern portions of montana, along the river, through the dakotas. aside from the missouri river, there's already flooding problems across montana because of a lot of rainfall that fell over this spring. over the last several weeks we've seen a lot of rain. we are looking at all of the snow that fell over the winter in the rockies, slowly beginning to melt this weekend we are not expecting additional significant amount of rainfall right now. nothing going on. warm temperatures are helping to melt that snow quickly that is adding to the flood worries across the region. we continue to track that over the next several weeks. there's a storm system across the southwest. we are tracking heavy rain across central portions of california this is a six hour
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loop, it has been raining here for the past six hours, nonstop. very slow moving system. slowly going to push east. as we head into tomorrow night, into monday morning we start to see heavy snow falling across parts of the higher elevations of the sierras. more snow and ski resources still open and expected to be open through the month of june. otherwise, severe weather will be a concern. we are starting to see storms firing up. two severe thunderstorm watches in effect through tonight. what those mean is that conditions in these areas are becoming favorable for thunderstorms to develop and produce damaging wind gusts and large hail. we can't rule out isolated tornadoes that is something we are going to track across iowa, western portions of pennsylvania. we are tracking the tropics. potential this storm system about 125 miles south southwest of jamaica, could become our next storm system called arlene. very slow moving system.
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even if it doesn't become a named storm, it going to be bringing in a lot of heavy rain across jamaica, haiti, dominican republic. concern there for flash flooding and mudslides. >> arthel: maria, thank you. >> rick: let's take about the war on terror, update for you. al-qaeda promising revenge after a u.s. strike reportedly takes out one of its top leaders. his name is ilyas kashmiri. several other militants were killed as well. they were all said to have been killed in a drone strike late last night in pakistan near the afghan border. this guy evidently had been one of the five most wanted al-qaeda leaders. if he is really dead, this will be another blow to the terror group, just a month after the death of osama bin laden. >> robert gates visiting afghanistan today in one of his last official acts as defense secretary before he steps down. the trip comes at a pivotal moment for the nearly decade
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long war. mr. gates saying there could be political talks with the taliban by the end of the year if nato makes more gains on the battlefield. conor powell live from kabul, afghanistan. >> reporter: rick, in recent weeks u.s. lawmakers and afghan officials have criticized the current counter insurgency strategy in afghanistan. u.s. lawmakers have pushed u.s. officials to speed up the process of withdrawing from afghanistan. today secretary of defense gates planned support for the current strategy. insisting it is proving effective on the ground. and there will not be any type of speeding up of the program here. that ultimately if the u.s. and the coalition partners continue to put pressure on taliban it will force the taliban to some type of negotiation by the end of the year. secretary gates while meeting with afghan president karzai pushed the afghans to do more here in afghanistan.
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to take a larger role in the security responsibilities. ultimately, it is going to rely on the afghans to provide security here. part of the transition set to begin july 1st. as part of that transition from international forces to afghan forces the u.s. is set to withdraw some troops here. in the past we thought it could be a significant number. today secretary gates said that will be a modest withdrawal here in afghanistan. that it won't be a large number, at leave here during the summer. the u.s. wants to continue putting pressure on the taliban that is part of the petraeus strategy that is in place. to keep going after taliban leaders. to capture and kill them. something that secretary gates want to see put in place and try to convince as many afghans and u.s. lawmakers that the strategy here is working. over the course of the next couple of days, secretary gates will meet with troops in kandahar annika buhl and other places around the country to -- and kabul and other places
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in the country to thank them for their self. this is his last trip to afghanistan. he told fox news about a year ago that the part he will miss the most being secretary of defense is his time with the troops. over the next couple of days he will thank them as part of his farewell tour in afghanistan. >> rick: conor, thanks so much. >> arthel: to libya now. nato bringing a new weapon to the fight. britain and france developing attack helicopters for the first time as they intensify the pressure against gadhafi. the choppers have unique abilities that could be potential game-changers in the conflict. dan springer has more from benghazi, libya. >> reporter: definitely an escalation. nato begins to use attack helicopters. nato officials saying they can be game-changers in this fight against gadhafi forces. the first mission was early this morning. [ inaudible ]
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brega has been controlled by gadhafi's army and important because it is a major exporting town. [ inaudible ] nato says this morning's mission was successful in taking out more than a dozen military vehicles. command buildings, radar system and weapons did he point. the goal is to put additional pressure on the gadhafi loyalists. >> use of the attack helicopters is a logical extension of what we have already been doing. we already had fast jets in action. this gives us a chance to target new targets. in a way we weren't able to do. >> reporter: on the diplomatic front. another high rank ing official making a visit to benghazi, this time -- william haig foreign minister of great britain and a china diplomat has reached out that is
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important, china has deep economic ties with libya. and in that critical vote on the national security council, u.n. vote they abstained. they may be picking sighs now. >> arthel: very interesting. dan springer, thanks. >> rick: massive protests across syria today. angry crowds calling for president assad to leave power. one group burning flats chanting syria is free, the traitor must get out. syria the only mideast hot spot flaring up. >> reporter: palestinian border officials say there buses were killed with 180 passengers ready to cross over to egypt. they were waiting for hours, only to be told it wasn't going to happen. anger and frustration, dozens of gaza residents stormed the raffa border crossing. one week after hamas brokered
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a deal to open the crossing between egypt and gaza. it was shutdown unexpectedly saturday. we came today and on the bus he says. we arrived at the border gate where were were shock odd to see it closed. the opening last week meant people were allowed to pass freely for the first time in four year the only border crossing not controlled by israel. u.s. officials demanded the crossing be closed in the concern that militants were entering gaza. meanwhile, in syria, human rights groups say syrian security forces killed 70 friday during protests of the children of freedom friday in honor of at least 30 kids who have been killed since the unrest began. at least 60 were killed yesterday in the same place where syrian president assad's father crushed an armed revolt by killing at least 20,000
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people. saturday, tens of thousands attended the funerals of the dead. more protests are expected. more than 1,000 people have been kill since the unrest began 11 weeks ago. activists are calling for more protests in the coming days. mideast experts wonder how long assad can continue to remain in power. >> rick: thank you reena. >> arthel: former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger has died. according to a family friend he passed away in charlottesville, virginia after a short illness. served for five months in 1992, speaking to fox news' greta van susteren in 2009, he warned that iran's nuclear program may be at the point of no return. >> the issue is going to be then, what do we do next? all i can say at that stage, we're gonna have some nuclear nation sometime along the way that is going to pop off a
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bomb and then where will we be? i don't know. i think it is a mess. i don't like the way it is going. >> arthel: lawrence eagleburger, passing away at 80-years-old. >> search for a missing oregon boy moving into a new phase, one year after he vanished. we are learning the task force looking into the disappearance of 7-year-old chiron hormone will disband in -- kyron hormon will disban. >> the frustrating part of this investigation is we haven't found kyron. >> reporter: the chief says the sheriff's office doesn't have time to be frustrated. >> our detectives are soldiering on. they are continuing to remain steadfast in this investigation. >> reporter: an investigation that 12 months later is adapting. the sheriff's office says the
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case no longer needs the fulltime help of the detectives from other local law enforcement agencies. so the kyron who are man task force is transitioning as of july first. the focus will be on technology forensicses. >> taking millions of points of data from cell phone towers and panning through that for a specific pieces of information that we want. and other pieces of information that we might glean from that. >> reporter: the sheriff's office will still have help from the fbi, department of justice, district attorney office as well as the communication technology expert assigned to the case. although kyron's stepmother has been a focus in the investigation, still no suspects or persons of interests have been named. >> we don't have the luxury to conduct our business based on speculation and innuendo. >> reporter: he says although the investigation may be adapting with fewer agencies involved, he says their
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commitment to a conclusion remains as strong as ever. >> we have a job to do here of because, when you take a look at courage, resolve and grace, with which the parents are dealing with this situation, i can't imagine that. we have an obligation to them. >> rick: tough story, thanks to fox affiliate reporter natalie brand for that update. >> arthel: home prices across the u.s. falling worse than they did during the great depression. hang on they are telling us this could be good news for some americans. >> rick: i'd like to hear more about that. >> two mask men storming a small convenience store in michigan. the full story on this intense probably coming up. >> arthel: new statue honoring pope john paul ii openly mocked on the streets of roam. >> i read about it and i -- still thinks it looks more like mussolini than pope john paul ii.
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>> rick: glad you are with oust on a saturday afternoon. president obama remembering former secretary of state lawrence eagleburger who died today at the age of 80. president obama saying our nation has lost a distinguished diplomat and public servant. >> u.s. drone attack in pakistan reported to have killed ilyas kashmiri rumored to be a long shot to succeed bin laden. >> police in michigan asking for the public's help in the hunt for two gunmen after a terrifying convenience store
6:22 pm
hold up caught on tape. the gunmen got a little over $100. >> arthel: new data suggesting that the housing market is suffering a double dip price collapse. home values have tumbled worse than they did during the great depression. yet there is reason to see the as half full. here is rich deval -- rich disalvo. all right rich, good to see up i need to you start with this glass half full premise. >> if you look at the housing market. we can share all the lousy numbers in terms of a million and a half vacant homes and a third of the people, their mortgages are underwater, meaning they owe more than the balance of the mortgage. being look at that and be a victim in life or a victor. if i'm a buying it is time now to get that shopping bag and buy a home. >> arthel: i'd like to beg to
6:23 pm
differ and not call those people victims. it is not their fault we are talking 30% of homeowners who can't afford those homes that are upside down. they cancel, it is worst less than their mortgage, what do they do? >> contractual from a legal perspective, criminal wallly they can walk away from the -- contract tallly they can walk away from the home. they cannot pay if they want. >> arthel: doesn't that go into foreclosure? >> it does. but you can legally walk away from the home. however, i use a simple analogy like recycling if you don't recycle don't complain we are having problems with the planet. i think as americans of this country, you home, homes are what drive the economy, drives the country, drives consumer spending. the key of what drives all of us. without that going, i think you are missing out am i think missing out of that piece of
6:24 pm
-- missing out i think missing out of that piece of america. >> arthel: you and i know people personally have lost their jobs and can't afford to pay the mortgage. some are walking away they don't want to walk away they can't buy another house because now they have bad credit. >> the answer is they rent. homeownership is not a right, it is a privilege. at certain times, if you can't afford there is no shame in that. rental prices have again up now because so many people can't afford homes. life isn't linear. i get to buy a house and a bigger house and the really big house. maybe if i have to take a step back until i come back up, nothing wrong with that. >> people can afford to purchase but they are choosing to rent but they are waiting until things settle. >> how long wait? people are waiting so long
6:25 pm
because what they are all looking to try to do is get the world's greatest deal.6hññ the truth is, there's fantastic deals out there and everyone keeps waiting. that's why i said get out your shopping bag. if you look in certain pockets across the country there are wonderful deals. again in march, 33% below the 2006 peak back at level last seen third quarter in 2002 nationally, some places where worse. some of the think tanks are saying we haven't hit rock bottom yet what does this mean >> i will tell you that we have a housing problem, of course we do. struggles are everyday. the problem is we have an unemployment problem. we've talked about that since the administration started unemployment up 24%. the number of unemployed is up 25%. it doesn't stop. you solve unemployment, you solve housing. if you could solve housing, you may not solve
6:26 pm
unemployment. >> arthel: can you give me a silver lining in 20 seconds? >> yes, cut taxes. we are not doing that. when you sigh all the things that are happening now. all the trends we know. you can't spend out of a recession via the stimulus the quiet thunder, doesn't work. >> arthel: you started out former managing director at morgan stanley then you turned into a presidential candidate there you are. rich desalvo, thank you . >> okay. >> rick: pope benedict xvi making his first trip as pope to croatia today, welcomed by thousands of young people many many braving a steady rain. the pope coming out strongly in support of croatia's bid to end the european union. he says it is logical and necessary given the history and culture is strongly rooted
6:27 pm
in europe. in the eternal city they are honoring the late pope john paul ii with a new statue. a lot of locals and tourists say the statue doesn't do the job. >> reporter: pope john paul ii was a be loved figure around the world. the late pope had a special relationship with the city of rome where he lived for more than 25 years. rome wanted to honor the late pope when he was recently declared blessed this is how they did it. with a converse al -- controversial bronze station in front of the main train station. does it even look like pope john paul ii? >> i think it looks more like mussolini. >> really? >> yeah. >> doesn't do it for you? >> no, i think they could have done a better job. >> i like the roman architecture better. >> reporter: the statue by an italian artist was a gift to the city.
6:28 pm
the outcry has been so strong against it, city hall is considering ways to get rid of it. this man, echoing the feelings of many says the statue fails to respect the spirit of pope john paul ii. romans and tourists stop in front of the work with curiosity and amusement, trying to figure it out. >> it is mystical, i think. a little obscure. >> reporter: some claim to like it. >> i get warm, fuzzy feelings, absolutely. i feel like i'm being protected from on high. >> reporter: most are mystified, especially by the bullet-like head. >> the head looks -- you know it is art. >> reporter: one of the harshest criticisms is it looks like a giant urinal. and it does, a bit. probably not the message you want to be sending at the city's central station. >> rick: what do you think?
6:29 pm
>> it doesn't look like what he says it looks like. urinal? >> no. >> rick: does it look like the pope? >> it is art. >> arthel: i'm art, thank you. let me move on and regroup. >> prosecutors think they are building a case against casey anthony. shocking evidence and testimony in the trial of the 2-year-old daughter. a full report from the courthouse in florida. >> my entire life has been taken from me. everything has been taken from me. you don't understand, everybody wants me to have answers, i don't have any answers, because i don't know what is going on. i have no one to talk to.
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6:33 pm
afghanistan today, saying that it is too early to tell. >> city leaders in north dakota, planning major sandbagging effort tomorrow to stem rising flood waters from missouri river. thousands in the region have been forced to leave their homes. >> rick: miracle on the hudson play. american airlines flight 1549 on is way to a new home at the carolina's aviation museum in charlotte. >> arthel: new testimony in the casey anthony murder trial. prosecutors try to prove the dead body of anthony's daughter caylee had a one time been inside case a says car. holly bristow from our affiliate has the story from the courthouse in orlando. >> reporter: prosecutors called two witnesses to the stand today. one who collected what could be very important evidence from casey's car. another who did an in-depth analysis on a single piece of hair. >> another characteristic is
6:34 pm
this tapered where the end of the hair may be a little darkened and it comes to a point. >> reporter: that's fbi trace evidence expert karen lowe who specializes in hair analysis many she testifying for prosecutors about a piece of hair found in the of anthony's white pontiac that they say was shed by caylee, after she died. >> you said it was a nine inches brown hair? >> correct. >> reporter: the expert said the hair appeared to have what is called postmortem death banding. >> it has a darkened ban at the root portion similar to one of the photos in the poster this is consistent with apparent decomposition. >> reporter: anthony's attorney pointed out the fbi expert had to use the word apparent. they argue this is junk science. >> even at the end of the day you still can't say that hair came from a dead body? >> that's correct. it has characteristics that are consistent with that, but i can't say absolutely.
6:35 pm
>> reporter: michael vincent took the stand next the crime scene investigative supervisor who gathered what could prove to be crucial evidence in this case from casey's car. >> on the spare tire cover, i clocked a couple samples of the stain that was in the carpet itself. and placed it in continue cans. >> reporter: he also collected air samples from the trunk and sent them to the lab where cutting-edge science was used. >> they transfered the air from the syringe into a plastic bag. a teflon bag i believe they call it. >> reporter: those laboratory scientists said high-tech sniff tests showed the air tested high for levels of human decomposition. anthony's attorney say this is junk science too. >> you have never heard of this ever being done in cases prior to this one? >> that's correct. >> and this for you, was somewhat of an experiment?
6:36 pm
>> it was new, i wouldn't call eight experiment. >> arthel: thanks again to holly bristow. >> put down that remote, tonight judge janine pirro brings in a body language expert to break down every aspect of the case. that is on justice with jeanine 9:00 eastern on the fox news channel. >> rick: president obama pointing to the auto industry's resurgence as a sign the country is heading to a breyer recovery. taking -- -- now in his weekly address mr. obama says the u.s. must keep moving forward. >> the president: we are making sure can bill out innovate and out compete the rest of the world. how we will build an economy where you can see your incomes and saves rise again send your kids to college and retire with dignity, security and
6:37 pm
respect. we've got a ways to go even though our economy has created more than two million private sector jobs, and continues to grow we are facing tough head winds. we don't give up. we do big thin changes, shape our own destiny. i'm confident if we hold on to that spirit, our best days are still ahead of us. >> rick: the president did not mention the jobless figures that came out yesterday morning that showed unemployment creeping up to 9.1% in may. >> arthel: meanwhile, republicans are saying president obama is too close to labor unions that jobs creation will pick up if organized labor had less clout. senator alexander had this example to offer. >> left month the national labor relations board move ed to stop america's largest exporter boeing company from building planes in a nonunion plant in south carolina. suggesting that a unionized american company can't expand into one of the 22 states with
6:38 pm
right to work laws. which protect the workers right to join or not to join a union. what would this mean for the future of america -- american auto jobs? jobs would flee overseas as manufacturers look for a competitive environment in which to make and sell their products around the world. our goal should to be make it easier and cheaper to create private sector jobs in this country. >> arthel: alexander also pointed out that foreign auto companies have opened plans in tennessee, a right to work state. >> rick: so jobs, national unemployment rate ticking back up as we mentioned 9.1% last month. democrats and republicans are blaming each other for the lack of job growth. fox news poll shows the economy and job are the top issues among americans. nothing else rates even half as high. is it time for lawmakers to stop playing the blame game and come up with a plan to get folks back to work? here is brad blakeman who
6:39 pm
served as deputy assistant to president george w. bush. and don goldberg. good to see you both. thanks for woman -- thanks for coming in. let's get these attacks out of the way. democrats and president obama are taxers, penders, overregulators, create a -- bad business environment. republicans only care about cutting taxes for rich cronies and push grandma off a cliff. we've gotten that out of way. don, how do we create jobs? >> unfortunately, the government and the white house didn't have a lot of tools. you can'tler interest rates any more. you can't spend your way out, no political will power to do any more stimulus. >> rick: sorry to interrupt with your first answer. the president has got to come up with something or he is not going to win a second term. >> i think this has not been a good week are that reason. his plan to increase exports
6:40 pm
to try to get rid of some regular s here and there, maybe a little spending. a little -- little things around the margins. i don't know he has any great plan to increase the number of jobs that he needs to see in the next 15, 16 months before the election. i think it is not good news. this jobs issue is very troubling for this white house. i don't know there is an easy answer. >> rick: brad, what does this moon as far as the republicans' willingness to actually sit down with this president and come up with something that might help create jobs right now, before the next election? >> certainly, republicans would be willing to meet with the president. also to solve some of these great problems, as were discussed here. jobs and the economy, inflation and the housing crisis there is a fundamental different in philosophy. this president happens to believe that government is the answer that government spending, stimulus two of government spending the people's money is the way to get us out. republicans believe that
6:41 pm
cutting taxes and putting the power in the hands of our entrepreneurs is the greatest engine by which we can restart our economy. the president can reup his tax cuts. how about eliminating capital gains for two years? payroll tax holiday. get rid of the death tax if you want to see the economy takeoff you have to put the power and money in the hands of the individual. it is not the government spending money, it is people investing in businesses. that's how we got out. >> rick: don we saw before the new year began we saw this president agree to a two year extension of the bush era tax cuts. surprised a lot of people. upset a lot on the left. probably made some in the middle happy. do you foresee this president doing that kind of thing again? it would help him politically, don't you think? >> yeah, i think he has to at some point. the biggest problem about the tax cuts is we don't have the money to pay for them.
6:42 pm
you can't cut down on the revenue the government is making. we would all like to have lower tacks that is not feasible to keep the economy going. i think he will extend these tax cuts even further when the opportunity arises. >> rick: brad, i don't want to get into a discussion about the republican potential republican nominees for president. romney who has probably amongst those who have announced candidacy strongest business background if the job numbers continue to be lousy, six, nine puns from now, does this make it look better for mitt? >> it does and people like governor paw therein two-term successful chief executive of the state who faced great economic challenges. when americans go in the voting booth they ask one question and one question only, am i better off today than i was four years ago? clearly today, the answer is no. if republicans can't get their act together and coalesce behind a candidate who has a shot, then this president wins
6:43 pm
by default and that would be a shame. we have great candidates in the field now who has the potential of getting this economy back and taking away the presidency from a president who has failed. he has not brought the kind of change that his supporterses -- that even his supporters hoped he would. >> rick: is he going to pull a rabbit out of a hat? do you foresee him doing some kind of october surprise? something that might help out the situation with all these folks out there looking for work? >> i'm not sure what that surprise could be. i think the white house has very small things they can do. you have to create 100,000 new jobs every month to get these numbers down. that is something the global economy is going to need to have. >> rick: sorry to cut you off. are you predicting that president obama is a one termer because of the economy and jobs? >> i think if he has a strong republican candidate against him, which is not clear he
6:44 pm
will, he's going to have a tough fight. i think the republican field is in such flux right now. i think that the republican primaries are going to give romney and pawlenty maybe a hard time. they may not have a good shot at getting through. >> rick: gentlemen, thanks for coming in on a saturday, we appreciate it. we'll be right back. boost nutritional drink. oh! it's smooth, it's creamy. and fulfilling! really, really nice tasting. it's easy to hold. this beats anything else i've tried. i'll go along with that. boost has 26 vitamins and minerals and 10 grams of protein to help you stay strong and active. it's delicious. wonderful. i want another one. and i'll recommend it to anyone. use boost.
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>> rick: you know it! summertime in new york city. when the naked cowboy is out playing for the tourists in times square. he's on the screen with the cowboy hat, guitar and pair of tidy-whiteties. people taking pictures. come on by and see us. that familiar theme music from the hit 80s television soap "dallas." now you can on a piece of magic actor larry hagman
6:48 pm
auctioning off items that he collected during his 50 years in show business, having that auction today. there's a dallas script signed. saddle bag for $300. or the famous bottle from his other television success, "i deem of genie." why is he getting rid of this stuff? >> there's so much, each has a story. i want to see it go. i want somebody who pays for it to have it. >> rick: that was linda gray with him. julia's auctions in beverly hills is handling the sales. >> arthel: federal appeals court reversing a ban an agnostic family requested that would have stopped a valedictorian from praying during her speech. >> reporter: medina valley high valedictorian is set to give a peach tonight thanks to
6:49 pm
the court of appeals she will be applaud to pray during her remarks. >> it has been a -- been a great blessing knowing the court has made the best decision and knowing i will be able to pray as i wish. >> reporter: her wish granted after the school district won an emergency appeal necessary following an agnostic family's lawsuit. they didn't want any praying while their kid was graduating they said it didn't represent their beliefs. a judge agreed the valedictorian should be censured. >> disappointing to know that a judge decided they could rule and tell me what i could or could not say in my own val er to address. >> reporter: angela had one of her senators, governor and attorney general all going to bat for her. as for the other side, they now say, students should be able to attend their graduation ceremonies without being pressured to participate in worship. all children should feel
6:50 pm
welcome at this important event in their lives, regardless of their opinions about religion. the agnostic family has said if students are going to be praying at graduation their kid might not show up. either way the valedictorian says her speech will reflect on the past and how far her class has come and how bright their future looks. >> arthel: peter, thank you. we will be right back. ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ ♪ i like it, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ ♪ i like it [ male announcer ] introducing mio -- a revolutionary liquid water enhancer. add a little. add a lot. ♪ for a drink that's just the way you like it. ♪ i like it, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ that's the way, uh-huh, uh-huh ♪ [ male announcer ] make it yours. make it mio. ♪
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>> rick: have you heard about the brand new fox news channel ipad app? thanks to you it is number one download, bringing the three day total to 122,000 downloads. it is getting great reviews. it has the ticker at the bottom. i'm going to hold this up so
6:54 pm
you can see. us customize your newscast. listen to fox news radio when you want. it is cool, easy to use and it is free. be sure to check it out if you haven't already. >> arthel: very cool. everybody is into technology. there's a new generation of cell phones and smartphones and they are hitting the shelves, making the perfect gift in time for graduation or father's day. but never so many new features and functions. picking the right one is the hard part. luckily, look who is here. >> rick: consumer records. offering a report card on the latest gadget. good to see you mike, thanks for coming in. >> pleasure. >> arthel: you brought toys. >> love when you bring toys. >> smartphones have taken they> jobs away from mp3 players, cameras and gpd units. now they are going for more. these are all android phones.
6:55 pm
most of the innovation is happening there in terms of trying new things. first up this is the google operating system. they have more phones. the first phones out that work on the faster 4g networks. they are always trying new things. one good example is the first phone this is the sony ericsson play. if you are stuck at an airport or boring family reception, slide the controls here and you have a what amounts to a portable playstation. full controls. our expert says it is highly responsive. >> rick: how much is that? >> $200 with a contract from verizon. one thing that has been a downside to a lot of camera phones is their camcorder features. they are always toy-like.
6:56 pm
this the g2 x, again $200 has one of the best camcorders we've seen. records at 1080 p. >> rick: we see your hand. >> arthel: this phone is a cell phone too, right? >> yeah, these are all cell phones but never an extra trick. is $200? >> $200. here we have the g2x. smartphones know everything about you. they have your e-mail, facebook friends, all conversation. since they have so much, you might as well give them your money too. this will be one of the first phones that has a service that uses google wallet. imagine you go to a register and instead of pulling out your credit card, you bump your phone against the register. >> arthel: not and a barcode? >> no. it is just a short range
6:57 pm
radio. people know this through the mobile speed pass and so forth. >> arthel: wow! i don't know about that one. >> there will be a pin number some phones may use some -- >> rick: we have about 20 seconds. >> is the imax of smartphones. 4.5 inches yet remarkably thin, great camera, mega pixels. i just wanted to show you how bright. the colors really pop. it is in our labs now. i'm sure it is one of our tops. >> rick: thanks mike that's it for us. thanks for joining us. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. he's rick folbaum. harris faulkner is next. we'll see you next week. [ waves crashing ]
6:58 pm
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